”Music is intangible,

yet can express our Soul’s deepest meaning and value,

and somehow, that is something tangible!”  ~Cjm




teaching privately...

composing new music and forming new band project…


NEW MUSIC: jmichaelchristophremusic.com



Ii began photography in 2002, first as a means to shoot interior spaces Ii was designing for my clients from my career of 26yrs as an interior designer. However, once you get the "shutter-bug" in you, it will take you places you can never imagine.

Nature is so powerfully healing and is resplendent with vistas to enjoy from the very large to the micro small.

My passions turned to sharing & producing Fine Art Images where we could surround ourselves with. Thereby encouraging and reinforcing Well-Being within our lives on a daily basis.

Light is a powerful signal to enhance our condition for wellness. New science now shows that signals of Light & Sound are dynamic triggers to affect the very course of our own DNA's continuous restructuring of our cells, thereby determining which new conditions we will foster and replicate as our bodies.
Wow! All this from just taking in the good views and listening to pleasant sounds.


~ the Gifts given us are Divine of origin
~ to recognize our Gifts is Reverence of Life
~ to nurture and cultivate our Gifts is our welcome connection of Divine within
~ our Gifts are known through our Hearts, for Hearts speak in Divine languages
~ to follow our Hearts is to walk a path where we may share our Gifts with others
~ this sharing of our Hearts' Gifts is the expansion of Divine without

come Home spread upon Our Earth

as you follow your Bliss
as this illuminates your Journey
as you hear your Guide

may You be a light for others


Be Well