☙ Uplifting ☙ Relaxing ☙ Contemplative ☙ Sensual ☙ Meditative ☙

my debut album for Solo Guitar of Classical & Jazz Infusion amid Rich Orchestrations, Piano & World Rhythms.

As a composer of many styles and influences, it is a challenge to fit my style into one of the known genres: a bit New Age, a bit Classical, a bit Jazz and a bit World Rhythms, Ii am toying with the genre name: "Modern Alternative Music."


EARTH RISE on iTunes


♬ Influences:

French composer ♬Claude Debussy is my favourite classical composer and one of my most profound influences with his depth of rich harmonies and expressive melodies. Brazilian composer ♬Heitor Villa-Lobos is a powerful influence in my guitar playing with his inventive harmonies and Latin rhythms. ♬Peter Gabriel is one of my favourite contemporary composer/musicians with his dynamic infusion of world rhythms and inventive rock.
Ii play classical and electric guitars, with my own style being an infusion of classical, jazz & rock. Primarily self-taught at keyboards & synthesizers, Ii love to play piano as well, especially to improvise. Earth Rise is primarily composed and mixed on Logic Pro 9 with all of its rich sampled (EXS) orchestral and world instruments. The piano is a Bösendorfer from Logic Pro 9. My electric guitar is an Ibanez and Ii use many of my own custom designed amps that Logic offers.

Brief History:

Ii began playing guitar at the age of 9, and quickly was steered into playing classical music by my teachers. In High School Ii played solo guitar performances in variety shows along with other musical venues.
Entering college at the University of Minnesota, Ii decided to declare my music major beginning as a guitar performance major, but shifted to a composition major by my junior year. Ii just had something else to say, and needed to say it through the music playing from within me. It was at University that Ii studied counterpoint & private composition with ♬Paul Fetler. His most inspiring message to me about composition was 'compose what is in your Heart, and then use all the knowledge you have to make it the best version possible.' 'For in the end it is the expression that remains.'
As a tenor in the University Symphonic Chorus Ii was able to sing some great choral works like Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Verdi's Requiem with the Minnesota Orchestra and Robert Shaw guest conducting.
In the early '90s Ii formed a jazz/rock/vocal fusion band with myself as frontman & songwriter. The band consisted of 5 musicians | guitar, bass guitar & Chapman stick, jazz drummer & percussion, keyboards & synthesizers, and myself on lead vocals and some keyboards. We, "Tain Reimei" played several venues throughout Minneapolis including the famed 7th street entry at First Avenue.


Ii began photography more than 11 years ago, first as a means to shoot interior spaces Ii was designing for my clients from my career of 26yrs as an interior designer. However, once you get the "shutter-bug" in you, it will take you places you can never imagine. Nature is so powerfully healing and is resplendent with vistas to enjoy from the very large to the micro small.
My passions turned to sharing & producing Fine Art Images where we could surround ourselves with; thereby encouraging and reinforcing Well-Being within our lives on a daily basis.
Light is a powerful signal to enhance our condition for wellness. New science now shows that signals of Light & Sound are dynamic triggers to affect the very course of our own DNA's continuous restructuring of our cells, thereby determining which new conditions we will foster and replicate as our bodies.
Wow! All this from just taking in the good views and listening to pleasant sounds.

~ the Gifts given us are Divine of origin
~ to recognize our Gifts is Reverence of Life
~ to nurture and cultivate our Gifts is our welcome connection of Divine within
~ our Gifts are known through our Hearts, for Hearts speak in Divine languages
~ to follow our Hearts is to walk a path where we may share our Gifts with others
~ this sharing of our Hearts' Gifts is the expansion of Divine without come Home
~~~ spread upon Our Earth ~~~

as you follow your Bliss
as this illuminates your Journey
as you hear your Guide

~~~ may You be a light for others ~~~