J Christophre Photography | Mantras + Prayers + Images + Vision

a gallery of my favourite images & personal lifetime mantras and prayers Ii mindfully live by ~~~
.:. ideal for coffee mugs, mousepads, cutting boards, 'fridge magnets, standoff mounts, fotoflots and photo gift-cards where they will inspire on a daily basis.
.:. a healing gift to someone or to yourself for infusing your sacred space with beauty of inspiring imagery and beauty of prayerful meditation.
.:. Peace ~ jMichael Christophre
Trail_of_Hearts-8123 | image from gallery: ExquiziteatmoSPHERES_201010266826 | image from gallery: atmoSPHERESPowderhorn_Park-2696 | image from gallery: On Golden Pondbreathe-0920Lotus_Begin_with_Love_20090825 | image from gallery: Lotus VisionsLove_becomes_You-1847 | image from gallery: ExquiziteDauphin's_Wish_201005048018 | image from gallery: AriaThank_You_279420110215Transcendence_20090910touch_You_touch_Me | image from gallery: "have a nICE Day"touche`-4184 | image from gallery: Exquizitethree_jewels-9394 | image from group: "Waterdrop" | gallery: "Glass Houses"Welcome_Blue_832320110924